Tourism Potencies
Sadha Kapal Temple

Sada temple is well known for its detail and neat carving. This temple has a background of Majapahit kingdom. Formerly, this temple was intended as a place of the staying of Ratu Jayengrat. that is a nobleman who is told to sail from Majapahit and then ran aground on a rock stone at Kapal village when the wave tide entered until the area or village.

This temple was shattered because of the earthquake occurring in 1917. and was not restored or reno­vated until 1950. The split gate to the temple and the pillar are located inside of the temple. The height of the gate reaches 16 meters, was built in accordance to Javanese architecture, meanwhile, the small gates in the form of a seat made of stone number in 64 gates. The small gates are megalithic ancestors' gates functioning to recall or reminisce about the knights who died in the war.