Tourism Potencies
Padang-Padang Beach

Padang Padang is located on the western side of the Bukit, after Impossibles and before Uluwatu.

With only 25 minutest from Kuta, use the road towards Nusa Dua, turn off to Uluwatu road, past the Dreamland turn off, right hand turn towards Bingin, down hill to Padang Padang, to access the surf you have to walk past large chunks of lava rock and make your way to the right end of the beach.

The large coral shelf is uncovered for the most part during low tide and is not recommended for surfing.

Padang Padang has a beautiful wave but you have to be an advanced surfer to come here. The jagged reef is sometimes refered to as 'the cheese grater'.

A couple of bamboo shacks are ready selling foods or even cold drink around the parking area. If you look for accommodation, there is plenty on the cliff tops overlooking surf breaks.