Tourism Potencies
Legian and Seminyak Beach


The area of Seminyak includes the span of Seminyak village and Seminyak beach from Jayakarta hotel northward up to the Oberoi hotel. Seminyak area has more traffic outlets with the opening of 2 wide short-cuts from Denpasar up to northern Seminyak. Seminyak has best hotels and villas such as 5 stars hotels, 4 stars hotels, 3 stars hotels, and totally private villas, as well as night life, and fine dining places. Proliferation of Seminyak hotels and Seminyak villas even go deep into inner villages and rice field. Simple Semin­yak hotels and guest houses are also invaded Seminyak. Besides various shops and restau­rants. Compared to Kuta hotels, Seminyak hotels are more in the quiet place, at the west part of Seminyak.

While Seminyak hotels and villas located on the east part of Seminyak which are more crowded during the day, due to the traffic on the main Seminyak - Legian raod. The type of Seminyak hotels are a bit differ­ent from those Central Kuta hotels due to it's more wider space, and closer to the beach, although there is road already laid out along the beach.