Tourism Potencies


Jimbaran is directly south of the airport, on the way from Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches. On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts. On the east, the beach faces the body of water sheltered by Benoa Harbor. People who have made a visit to Jimbaran will remember the good seafood and the relaxed atmosphere on a warung at the beach. The Jimbaran village is located just south of the airport in the Teluk Jimbaran bay. On the opposite side of the village is several luxury hotels along the five km long, white beach. This is a good place for swimming, but in contrast to Kuta a little bit further north not a good place for surfing. The area is turning into a tourist area in the upper price levels, something that will have great consequences for the small fishing village. Still daily life goes on like it has for centuries, the fishermen leaves for their nightly catch and religious ceremonies is held on the beach and in the temples.

The main road from Sanur to Nusa Dua passes on the east side of the narrow land stripe that connects the Bukit peninsula with the rest of Bali, and Jimbaran is therefore not visible from this road. You have to follow the road south, do an u-turn, go north and then left again in the direction of the beach. It's not so much to see in the village, many come here mainly for the delicious seafood that can be enjoyed on one of the many local warungs that is spread along the beach.

Follow the road along the beach west till it ends, there you will see a cluster of restaurants that usually opens at 1700, in time to order and enjoy the sunset. You pick the seafood at the entrance, the fish and lobster are alive or put on ice. The tables stands on the beach, and if the rain is not pouring down this can be a dinner full of atmosphere when the sun goes down and the candlelights are lit. The food is grilled on coconut husks, the smoke can be very irritating for your eyes, so watch the wind when you pick a table. Unlike Kuta there is limited accommodation here in the lower price levels, most of the hotels are five star or middle class. From here it is a short way to the large tourist spots on South Bali, and only 10 minutes to the airport. A dinner on Jimbaran can be a nice end of a trip to for example Uluwatu on the southern tip of Bali.