Top 10 Destinations
Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun” means beautiful garden, This temple is beatifully surrounded by a vast pond. Allgedly, this pond was frequently used for bathing place by the royal mind. While bathing, they usually sailed by a small baot to rejoice. Taman Ayun temple was built in the seventeenth century (1634) by the first king of Mengwi Kingdom, Tjokorda Sakti Blambangan, helped by a chinese architect. Estabilishment of the temple was carried out cosidering the temple in bali were too far awayto reach by the people of Mengwi. Location of the Taman Ayun Temple is in Mengwi, Badung Regency, approximately 18 kilometers north of Kuta. It was destroyed by the great earthquake occurring in 1917. Then, massive repair was implemented in 1937 and refurbishment was made in 1949 for the kori agung entrance, split gates and set up the big wantilan hall. Split gates and monument of 16 meters high were establihshed in the middle courtyard of the temple designed of javanese architectural style. Meanwhile, small shrines in the form of stone seats consisting of 64 pieces, denoting megalithic monument, were built to immortalize the ancestral warriors who died in the battlefield.