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Nyepi (Silent Day)

The Balinese New Year by the Caka calender falls in March n the spring equinox. It is Celebrated by a day of absolute stillness, 'Nyepi', whe no fires may be lit, no transport taken and no work done. For 24 hours Bali look likes dead island free of polution.

Nyepi is the las day of the year and the major festival of the Caka year. The day before Nyepi is set aside as a day of purification across the island. The evil's spirit are noisily chased away with cymbals, gongs, drums and flaming torches. On Nyepi itself, everyone stay quietly at home, making no noise, using no light and doing no cooking. The idea is when evil spirits descend, they are fooled and think that Bali is uninhabited and leave the island in peace.