Arts and Culture
Mekotek Tradition

The Mekotek or Ngerebeg ceremony is held on Saturday Kliwon Kuningan or on exactly the same day with Kuningan day celebration, which is hel every 210 days. Ngerebeg is a big ceremony which is tradition of teh Hindu community who live at Munggu. The aim of this ceremony is to protect the world from any natural disaster especially from any pest that can destroy rice fields and other plantations.

The Mekotekan ceremony is one form of Dewa Yadnya which is dedicated to the God that is centered at the Kahyangan Tiga temples where the people prepare all kinds of weapons, such as keris, Tombak, Umbul-Umbul, Tedung, Kulkul and Tamyang Bulan (shields) for the parades accompanied by gamelan music followed by the community

The term "mekotekan" came from the parade and the war-like-play, using a stick which is hit or beaten to the other stick and produces the sound "tek..tek..tek..."